Our driving force is to develop a unique offer of plants and solutions for plants. Our journey forwards is rooted in our industry-leading supply chain, our key competencies and our dedication to improve life with plants for the many. Plantasjen is evolving from a retail format to the leading brand for plants.


The take-off for our strategy is the deep understanding of the drivers behind the growing number of customers when it comes to plants. Different living circumstances constitute different needs. Also, individuals have a varying degree of experiences in working with plants.

Our goal is therefore to provide better solutions for a wider range of living environments. To be successful, our commercial offer has to be adapted to cater for these needs. We are extending our competencies. We are moving up the value ladder. Taking the customer offering from generic to relevant and unique.


The journey forward is rooted in our key competencies in combination with our dedication to make life with plants easy and enjoyable for the many people. By improving the many peoples' life with plants, we also improve their quality of life. To promote this, our offer is moving up the value ladder towards semi-ready and ready-to-enjoy solutions. Our products are also made more easily available by adding new sales channels. Plantasjen is evolving from a retail-format brand into the leading brand for plants.


The starting point for our ongoing product strategy is our deep understanding of what drives our growing number of customers when they look for plants. A large majority of people feel they do not have the required knowledge to take care of plants. This insight, in combination with rapidly changing consumer requirements, creates an entirely new landscape for our business. To be successful, our commercial offer has to be adapted to account for these factors.


The driving force behind our supply-chain strategy is the platform we have created for building a unique product range that is attractive to our many customers. We already have the leading supply chain in our industry in the Nordics. Our approach is to further streamline it by working more directly and closely with leading growers, breeders and producers. That way, we can develop preferred partnerships. Our overriding aim is to optimize the total value of our operations without losing track of the individual parts.


Plantasjen's mission is to improve life with plants for the many. A critical factor for success is making shopping for plants easier and more convenient. In the new consumer landscape people have less time to spare. Good and close accessibility to shopping outlets is a critical factor. In addition to our existing network of stores, Plantasjen has conceptualised and developed new store formats to make it more convenient to buy plants for as many people as possible. The development of Plantasjen's omni-channel sales approach is intended to cater to this commercial opportunity.


Plants interact positively with our bodies, our minds and the environment. Our mission is to improve life with plants for the many. To support this endeavor, we need a unique offer of plants and solutions for plants, a leading supply chain, optimal accessibility and passionate employees. We are presently in the midst of transforming our company and our offer. This includes our approach to sustainability. Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and will increasingly impact our product offer, our operations and our partners.