About Plantasjen

The Plantasjen story

It all began about 30 years ago in Norway. Two entrepreneurs set up a plant shop and a adjoining greenhouse. Their approach was not just to sell plants, but also to give customers good advice about how to cultivate them successfully. After a while the two founders decided to exploit their local concept on a nationwide scale.

Step by step, stores were established all over the country following a garden center concept. The approach was gradually polished, tested and proved. In the beginning of 2000 there were close to sixty Plantasjen garden centers in Norway. The management saw an opportunity to introduce its successful business idea to the other Nordic markets.

In Sweden, the Växus chain was acquired in 2002 and transformed into Plantasjen garden centers. In 2003 Plantasjen opened the first store in Finland. In 2016 Plantasjen was acquired by Ratos, an investment company that owns and develops Nordic companies.

Plantasjen of today offers its customers a unique range of products, semi-ready and ready-to-enjoy solutions. We help customer to succeed with plants. Plants not only look good, they also affects positively with our minds, bodies and the environment.

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