We are passionate about plants

At Plantasjen we are passionate about plants. Plants are good for you. Plantasjen’s mission is to improve life with plants for the many. With over 120 stores in different formats and a growing number of smaller shops across Norway, Sweden and Finland, Plantasjen is the leading brand for plants in the Nordics. Plantasjen today offers a unique range of plants and solutions for plants, an offering that generated over 12 million customer transactions the last year.

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Our story

It all began in Norway in 1986. Two entrepreneurs set up a plant shop adjoining a greenhouse. Their approach was not just to sell plants, but also to give customers good advice about how to cultivate them successfully. This was a business idea that very quickly took root. 

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The brand for plants

Our driving force is to develop a unique offer of plants and solutions for plants. Our journey forward is rooted in our industry-leading supply chain and our dedication to improve life with plants for the many. Plantasjen is evolving from a retail format to the leading brand for plants.

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