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For a growing life

At Plantasjen we are passionate about plants. Our mission is to improve life with plants for the many. With 120 stores in different formats and a growing number of smaller shops across Norway, Sweden and Finland, Plantasjen is the leading brand for plants in the Nordics. Plantasjen today offers a unique range of plants and solutions for plants, an offering that generated approximately 10,6 million customer transactions per year.


Plantasjen is a leading retailer of plants and accessories in the Nordics. Through our 120 physical locations across Norway, Sweden and Finland, and online, Plantasjen garden centres offer a wide assortment for both the outdoor garden and indoor homeliness. Thanks to our employees and seasonal staff, all with a passion for all things growing, and an outstanding operation, we aim to be the most inspiring Nordic Garden centre bringing our customers closer to nature’s positive energy. Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and will increasingly impact our product offer, our operations and our partners.

Fast Plantasjen facts

  • Present across Norway, Sweden and Finland, with stores and offices in all
    three countries.
  • 120 stores in varying formats and sizes.
  • Plantasjen Source offices in Holland and Germany.
  • Online store offering click & collect as well as home delivery.
  • Between 1900 and 2500 employees and seasonal staff throughout the year.
  • Approximately 10,6 million customer transactions per year.
  • Annual sales of ca NOK 4,2 billion.
  • Since 2016 Plantasjen is owned by Ratos, a Swedish investment firm that
    develops Nordic companies with an infinite ownership horizon.

Plantasjen annual report 2022   

Management team

  • Jesper Lien, Chief Executive Officer
  • Marcus Larm, Category Director (Plants & B2B)
  • Julia Romberg, Category Director (Dry Goods)
  • Fredrik Dahl, Commercial Director
  • Niklas Svensson, Supply Director
  • Nils Eriksson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Olav Fyldeng, Chief Information Officer
  • Gunstein Hansen, Director Real Estate & Shared Services

Whistleblower service for Plantagen

The whistleblower service is for employees and external stakeholders and is to be used to report suspected ethical and compliance-related misconduct.

Read more about the Whistleblower service

The Plantasjen Story

It all began about 30 years ago in Norway. Two entrepreneurs set up a plant shop and a adjoining greenhouse. Their approach was not just to sell plants, but also to give customers good advice about how to cultivate them successfully. After a while the two founders decided to exploit their local concept on a nationwide scale.

Step by step, stores were established all over the country following a garden center concept. The approach was gradually polished, tested and proved. In the beginning of 2000 there were close to sixty Plantasjen garden centers in Norway. The management saw an opportunity to introduce its successful business idea to the other Nordic markets.

In Sweden, the Växus chain was acquired in 2002 and transformed into Plantasjen garden centers. In 2003 Plantasjen opened the first store in Finland. In 2016 Plantasjen was acquired by Ratos, an investment company that owns and develops Nordic companies. 

Plantasjen of today offers its customers a unique range of products, semi-ready and ready-to-enjoy solutions. We help customer to succeed with plants. Plants not only look good, they also affects positively with our minds, bodies and the environment.


As a Plantasjen employee you are key to our success and future growth. Come and join us and apply for work in one of our stores or at the service offices in in Norway or Sweden.

Our offer

  • Fun and positive work environment. Through extensive training programs we cultivate growth opportunities for our employees.
  • Great potential for professional development in lots of areas of competence, thanks to our many-faceted operations.
  • We care about you as an employee. It is important that you feel healthy, content, happy and appreciated for what you do.
  • Working at Plantasjen also includes a secure, competitive salary, health care contributions and employee discounts at our stores.
  • As a team we grow together. Our core values Clarity, Ownership, and Joy are integral in fulfilling the Plantasjen purpose “For a Growing Life”

Looking for a job opportunity at Plantasjen?


Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and will increasingly impact our product offer, our operations and our partners. Since 2017, Plantasjen has issued a yearly, stand-alone sustainability report. For 2020, we choose to publish an integrated Annual and Sustainability Report to illustrate our actions and progress made during the year in terms of overall business, as well as sustainability. Our ambition is to be a transparent and positive contributor to the sustainable society around us. We work continuously to make sure our environmental requirements are incorporated all the way, from seed to plant.

Sustainability report

Plantasjen annual and sustainability report 2022   

  • A sustainabile supply chain. To support and improve our leading offer of plants and solutions for plants, we need a leading supply chain. We aim to concentrate our resources and focus on core suppliers. By limiting the number of products and partners, we cut a path for long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. By seeking a high level of understanding and transparency in all the steps of the supply chain we want to improve all aspects of the production, distribution and use of our products. This will lead to reduction of possible negative impacts on the environment, improved quality and functionality and lower costs. We have spent the past years laying a foundation by improving our levels of control over the various different parts of our business. We have significantly reduced our number of products, suppliers and purchasing markets. At the same time, we have strengthened our competence and organisational capacity. Our next step is to gear up for taking an even greater responsibility in production, distribution and use of our products.
  • The wellbeing from plants. Plants not only look good, they also interact positively with our bodies and minds. Being surrounded by plants creates a sense of tranquility and well-being. This is why our mission is to make plants available for the many, making them easily accessible as well as affordable. Our range is evolving with a stronger focus on plants and solutions for plants. The share of plants in our business model is already substantial and we intend to increase it even more over time.
  • Passionate employees. We believe in maintaining and strengthening a motivated and high-performing workforce with a strong, positive and consistent culture. We offer equal opportunities and meaningful jobs. We value openness and work to clearly communicate the company's vision and objectives and our way of taking care of the organization. To create safe and meaningful jobs we focus on our physical, psychological and social work environment. We work preventive to reduce health and safety risks as well as work-related diseases and injuries with ongoing activities that promote health and increase motivation. These efforts involve every part and individual within our company.
  • Caring for our planet. We are striving to increase our understanding of the impact of our products throughout their life cycles and we want to ensure that our products have a restorative impact on the environment. Since we are concerned with how our products are made and how they impact the world around us, we will work continuously so that our environmental requirements are incorporated all the way, from seed to plant.

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Plantasjen annual and sustainability report 2022   

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